Travers Row Houses - National Register of Historic Places

Travers Row Houses

In 1916 the Travers' Brothers came to this west Omaha location (26th & St Marys Ave) and built these great homes.   We honor their craftsmanship and added a few modern amenities.   We're proud to call these Travers Row Houses.   


Modern/updated kitchens

New Appliances - stove, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer - all brand new!

Quartz countertops

High end cabinets

Hardwood floors - original and awesome!

Open floor plan

Three living levels

New Furnace and New AC Unit - with central air

New Tile Bathrooms - both upstairs and downstairs

Finished basement with built in TV / Entertainment area

Upstairs bedrooms are average size (they were built in 1916)

Closets have custom shelving

Open floor plan on the main floor

Cobble street - which gets redone in Fall of 2015


What we're proud of......70%+ of all trim from these 99 year old buildings is reclaimed trim from what we salvaged.  During demo we reclaimed everything we could and managed to save/salvage a ton of great 100 year old trim.  We burnt up 3 planers but it was worth it.  In our 2-Bedroom all Oak units we're proud to say we reclaimed 95% of the oak trim - and it looks awesome.   Great salvaged wood is one thing but having a great local group of craftsman to install it and take pride in each of our 20 units is also something we're very proud of.  Every piece of flashing and other metal was purchased 35 feet away from our neighbor who does metal fabrication.   Supporting local labor and business is no doubt what the Travers Brothers did 100 years ago when they built these awesome homes.   Lastly we can't take credit for revitalizing the area but we certainly are apart of it - from the greatest taco truck in the world that is right next door to the wonderful Big Garden across the street supported by a great group called Completely Kids - we have become part of this resurgence and honestly it feels good.   We built these homes to last, if you tour you'll see a decidedly different finish quality and the value we offer for the rent you will pay.   Want a neighborhood feel in an urban setting....with brand new appliances, 3 living levels and 2 bathrooms (our basements have rain head showers).....we're your place to call home.   To setup a tour e-mail us at

Starting at $1,399 per month.

Pet Deposit required.